Dream that tells


Yesterday night, I had a dream. I was a little bit confused when I woke up. I called out my puppy’s name Xixi. Then only I realized I was in Happy Apartment, not my home in Skudai. This was the first time I dreamed about Xixi.

And this afternoon, my mother phoned me and told me that Xixi is missing. He had probably went out through a drain hole behind my house and was stolen by stranger. My mom was very sad about this, Xixi has been the apple in her eyes. It has broken her heart to lose Xix. This is the second time already, the previous puppy Coco was missing too ;( In fact, she said she doesn’t want to keep another puppy again. It’s too precious to lose.

I can only see him from photos now.. No more warm welcoming from my Xixi, who will enthusiastically wave his tail and jump around me and long for my patting.

What a dream that prophets!




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