Full of You

Another night full of you.

The orchestra was playing, and I supposed to play too. However the sound seemed to drift away. I was just in time to raise my trumpet and barely played the notes. In my world, you alone were there. I saw your eyes. Shining like stars in the sky. I saw your smile. Bright as the moon. =)

Why, why, why, and how, my heart is full of you? But I won’t tell you my feeling. YOU. Haha, YOU. It’s  a little bit fun to keep it from you. Because you are my secretly precious treasure. I have hidden you in my heart. Like nobody else can take you away from me.

My dear, telling you of my feeling, will only do me good. I would have ease the burden of my heart, but how about you? Won’t you be troubled? May or not, any possibility, I dare not to hurt you in anyway. So I have made my mind.

Dear God, please help me to keep my promise.  My heart cries to let him know what is inside. My heart is weak.  But in you, Lord, it can be strong. In you, Lord, my heart can withhold the emotional flood. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

Thinking of you. I was, I am, I will.


Trust me, I just simply write, for fun =D


To be or not to be, that is the question.




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