Dear God

Dear God,

The creator of the world, why is it so hot recently? Lord, is the day coming soon? Lord, can you please make the day a little bit cooler? A rain will be good =D

Lord, I have done nothing today. I lost my discipline and focus. I am thinking of him at the wrong time. Distracted. Dear Lord, I pray that you will send the holy spirit, to guide me and counsel me to yield a fruitful day. I pray this for all my coursemates too, I understand that everyone is going through the same things. Assignments, reports, journals. Lord, we may be weary in doing all these things. But Lord, let us do it for your glory.

Father, I am going to sleep soon. I pray for a restful night. Let me fall to sleep in thinking of you Father. You are good, holy and perfect. You are awesome. You are great. You are simply the ONE. I’m so glad that I know you personally.

In Jesus’s name I pray,





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