I Love You = Lifelong Commitment

To my future Mr Right, Husband, Life-Partner,


I won’t say to you:" I love you."


Because when I say:" I love you.", ….

I mean it when I say. I will give my whole life to you, be your submissive wife and follow you.

My life is committed to you. My happiness is in your hands. My sorrow is in your tears.

I’ll just love you with all my heart, with whole my soul.


That’s why, …

I’m not going to tell you anything now, for now is not the time yet. Let’s wait for God’s perfect timing. We will know when the time comes.

I will guard my emotion, my mind and my heart, until I’m ready for you. They are all yours.

I will not compromise to dating, my heart will be given you completely, not divided partly to anyone before you.


Because of you, I am willing to wait.

Above all, I can love you like this because God loves me.


Your Love,
Wen Shiow


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