Joy in Sharing

Pei Yin, Wei Shan, Peck Shen and I stay under one roof. There was one night, we made a pot of tea and chit-chat. So Pei Yin told her life stories to us. She told us about how her mom cut her hair, how her mom made potato juice mixed with garlic and onion and forced her to drink, how she felt when she dyed her hair into purple color, and so on. Her stories were very funny and interesting, and we just couldn’t take our eyes off her. I could even see the picture in my mind vividly when she talked and I could feel her emotion when she said she was angry, embarrassed or anything else. At that moment, Pei Yin had bond us together with her stories. She took us into her life as if we had fallen into time tunnel and become her in the past. That day, we talked and laughed until midnight 2am. Pei Yin was so good at story-telling! I wish I can be like her, able to connect people together, bind their heart to her heart and that people will listen to her and really understand her, such as what happened in her life, how it shapes her present, how’s her walk with God, and others.

However, I had been keeping to myself in my whole life. This is because my family is very quiet. There is no conversation, no story, no sharing. Although we stay in the same house and see each other every day but we don’t cross each other’s life. Every day after school and tuition, my brother, my sister, and I would go into our own room and do our own thing. We don’t tell the others what happened in our day. We seldom go out together or do things together. We keep to ourselves. In short, our relationship is not close and we have few moments being together.  I had never look into the eyes of any of my family or ask their opinions when I have any problem. I simply learnt to live at my own. I don’t know how to express myself; I don’t know how to share my heart; I just don’t know how to communicate and share about my life. It is hard for me to open my heart to share about personal thing.

So that night, after listening to Pei Yin’s stories, I pray to God. O Lord, please teach me how to open my heart to the others, to share about my life to people around me, so that I can tell them what God has done for me naturally, connect them to you and be a living testimony for Christ, in Jesus name I say, Amen! And God answered my prayer immediately! The next morning, Chuck Broughton came to teach us about how to tell story, which was exactly what I had prayed for. So I learnt sharing technique from Chuck Broughton. Sharing is actually very easy. In fact, I just have to tell my story from the beginning to the end, don’t jump any part, and make it interesting with body movement. That’s it. Like what I doing now.

Having the taste of answered prayer, my faith grows stronger. It is really wonderful to know that my Lord is actually listening to me. So I try to open my heart to my friends and I keep praying to God because I know He cares. I thank God every time for answering my prayers. From day-to-day, God has His way to teach me. For example, that night, I learn from Pei Yin that story-telling is a very good way to connect to people; and that day Chuck Broughton came to give us a session about story-telling, and another day I learn from Wei Shan that I don’t need any reason or intention to share my story, I don’t have to wait until I am really troubled, I can just speak and they will listen. As God continues to teach me every day, sharing has become a more natural thing to me now. Even though it is hard for me to open my heart and speak something about myself, like right now, but once I take the courage to speak the first sentence, I’m Ok already.

I remember one morning, I was together with my course mate, Li Kim who also stays together with us. We had about 30 minutes free before the next class started. There were just two of us. We sat in faculty café and had a talk. We talked about studies, food, friends and others. At one point, she shared with me about her family and her troubles. This was unexpected for we seldom have deep conversation. At that moment, I felt an urge to share about my own story too; I wanted to share my heart with her and tell her how God had helped me and guided me in my problems. But, to express myself is a very personal thing. I felt so strange! At first, I opened my mouth and cannot utter a word. However, God’s spirit was with me. I remembered those incidents which God had used to teach me about sharing. So I prayed and took the courage to speak. And once I started my story, I was able to carry it on already. The hardest part is just the first step. I was so happy that I shared about my life with Li Kim. Looking at her struggling in all sort of problems alone, without God who is powerful and knows everything of the world beside her, I felt that I need to give a hand to her. I hope that I can be a blessing to her, to help her to see God.

If God was not there to listen to me, I will still be living in my own world, don’t know what is happening in the life of people around me. If God was not there to listen to me, I will still be struggling at my own to solve life problems, doing limited thing at my own strength. But now I have God who loves and cares for me, who is my comfort, my shelter, who I can run to when I need help. I am very thankful to have God in my life! God has opened my heart to people in my life, and now I am better in reaching out to bless the others. As in 2 Corinthians 5:17, therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! The one who is standing here to share about my personal story is not the old me. I am here, now, is because of what God had worked in me. Thanks God. Amen!


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  1. i face the same situation with u too ~ it was really hard to open my heart telling other ppl what im thinking, feeling, problems and all other stuff .. all i can do is just hiding and let it be.. haha.. anyway.. im glad to be ur listener : )~~


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