My will or His will?

Last Friday, as blur as I am, I found 5 major mistakes of my boss’s work, as careful as he is.  So he promised to treat me lunch as a reward =D However, I used to cook my own lunch, so I was thinking ‘ never mind la, so pai seh, no need de la’. And I was really blur, I set my alarm one hour late on Monday! But God is nice to me. That morning, for the first time, I received a sms that said that I won RM1000000 at 6:20am =.= So I was awake and was not too late to work, phew~ But I have no time to prepare for my lunch already. But HEY, my boss promised to treat me a lunch, so all the problem settled, hooray ~~~ lol

See. If something happens, is it coincidence or God’s hand is behind it? If my wish granted, is it my own effort or that God answered my prayer? The answer is former and later. Dilemma. It’s all depends on how we see God, how we acknowledge Him =)

One more incident.

I am so careless that the hinge of my laptop start cracking!!! So I was worry that the whole LCD would be broken. The NEXT morning, Keng Yin asked me to buy a blank DVD to burn AutoCAD for Pei Yin. On the way of searching, I found one computer shop which can repair it, so all problem settled again, yay!! So God is really nice to me =D

If I count all the blessing on my own credit, if I see all the solution as my own effort,  my world is so limited as I draw energy from my own strength. But when God is my source of energy, what should I worry more? Faith, hope, and love.


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