Life depends on how you perceive it!

This is the prayer I often say to my God, “Lord, change my heart. I know I am hard and difficult, so Lord, tender me. Let me learn in you, let me become gentle and kind. Lord, change me so that I can relate to people better and share with them my life. In Jesus’s name I pray, amen.”

And my Lord always answer my prayer. 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. I really love this verse. I can just give Him all my burdens and rely on Him because He cares. Just because He cares. He loves me. Don’t you think my Lord is lovely?

I remember one day, Pei Yin was talking about her childhood stories. Wei Shan, Peck Shen and I enjoyed them so much, we laughed as she went along; her expression was so funny and her body told so much and she’s really gifted at sharing. I went to sleep. When I woke up in the midnight to get a drink, I was surprised to see them still in chatting at 3am!! I wish I am as good as Pei Yin in this area. God answered my prayer. The next day, Chuck Broughton came and taught us how to tell story.

Today I just finished reading a book 《做自己與別人生命中的天使》by嚴長壽. This is my second time to read it. Just out of blue, I wanna read it. I believe my Lord has something to show me through the book. In the same day, in my English class, my teacher said something I simply appreciate. We were learning about questioning, how to question politely, how to answer positively, and so on. He always teach us extra things. So this time, he taught us this:

When someone come to you asking :”Are you eating?”

What will be your answer ? “You cannot see I’m eating meh?” “Eat lah!” “Why are you asking this?”

This kind of people are those don’t know how to engage into conversation. Of course the person asking the question does not really ask for an answer but rather,  he/she just simply want to talk to you. I was struck! 當頭棒喝!Because I always talked like this and I don’t realize how rude I am.

You can just answer:” Yeah, I’ m eating curry, this is my favourite! Because potatoes tasted so good with curry…” and bla bla bla the conversation will carry on itself.

So God is answering my prayer and teaching me step by step how to communicate with people.

I see my life through God and I found myself so blessed. God loves His children. If I see my life through world, I’ll become arrogant or boastful because I would take all the credit. Life can be totally different from your eyes, so be careful of what you see!


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